Video....Mr Allan Gitlin - The G-Man

Video ... Why The Face

Video...Operation Beezlebuddy - Episode 3 Shock Value

FOSTER HOME - 2016 (Short Film) 5:15

video ... MoniNayo - Lost Ones

Video...Trailer Swiperz Mini Series

Greetings Actors/Actresses, 

Re: Trailer Swiperz Mini Series 

Hope everyone is having a productive year thus far ​as we are close out the year and enter a new one. 

While we are still talking to a few entities, I wanted  to make sure the cast/crew got the pilot in order to use ​it as REEL. 

Here's the full pilot from top to bottom. Your feedback if any is much appreciated and we will keep you posted if there are any ​developments.


Many thanks to everyone who worked on this project :)